Megan Lee

My name is Megan. I live in Asheville, NC. I really like reading and learning about things.
I also make science, astronomy, and sci-fi related art:

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Well, this is a first. Someone got a tattoo of my art work.

I got an email last night from an acquaintance that saw a tattoo of my work on reddit. A little investigating and I found out the tattoo belongs to Ivane Chun (

Color me flattered. :)

More beauty from Dean Bradshaw.

Loving these photos by Dean Bradshaw.


Painted this over a year ago in my old bedroom. Things don’t come easy in this life. You gotta work for it. You gotta grind. Try it. If you truly dedicate all your time into something you love, I promise, you’ll see results.

1. Happy New Year

2. This is my first time experiencing a real winter (FL for 20+ years, now in NC). It was -4 with a wind chill of -23 last night. 6 degrees was ‘warm’ for today.

3. I finally own red lipstick for the first time in years so I commemorated it with a photo, thus discovering my left eye is much squintier than my right.

4. I’m going back to my reading books and caressing the space heater now.


double exposure photography by antonio mora

Been away from tumblr for a bit. Just stopping by to say:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everybody!