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My name is Megan. I use minimalist design to inspire excitement about science, astronomy & educational topics.
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‘Land In Between’ Birch veneer, leather lace and led lighting. 70x40x30 cm by Cathrine Kullberg.

 A sweep across the tangled landscapes sprawling from the edges of our big cities to the green rim of the uncultivated forest. An iconographical investigation in five layers.

The Land In Between strives to hold both Nature and Culture – recklessly mixing infrastructure, transport, traffic, housing, industry and trade – and people living their various Nordic Welfare State lives – while Nature intersects unyieldingly. The Land In Between has it’s own aesthetic distinctiveness, iconography, often ignored or de-romanticized.

On display at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art until Ocotber 21st 2012 (in Zealand near Copenhagen, Denmark).


Looking at this makes my heart warm.

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