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My name is Megan. I live in Asheville, NC. I really like reading and learning about things.
I also make science, astronomy, and sci-fi related art:

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Last nights sketch. Carl Sagan <3

Rock Star Scientists by

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Joyce Bell Burnell, discoverer of pulsars, is joining the ranks of my Cosmic Pioneers series this evening.

Jocelyn Bell Burnell, born 1943, is a Northern Irish astrophysicist who discovered the first radio pulsars (signals coming from rapidly rotating neutron stars). Some have called this the “greatest astronomical discovery of the twentieth century.”

She made the discovery while under her thesis supervisor Antony Hewish, for which Hewish shared the 1974 Nobel Prize in Physics with Martin Ryle, while Bell Burnell was left out despite having observed the pulsars.  •

This print is aimed at inspiring the young (and not so young!) to learn about science, follow their dreams, and change the world!

The scientists are listed in chronological order starting from the top left of the poster.

Sizes: 8x10, 11x14, 16x20 

Images © Megan Lee Studio, LLC

Brand new poster featuring six Cosmic Pioneers in one print. (I even made it chronological for you :) )

Available sizes: 8x10, 11x14, 16x20


Included designs:

• Nicolaus Copernicus, representing his heliocentric model that places the Sun at the center of the universe

• Galileo Galilei, representing his discovery of the four largest satellites of Jupiter, named the Galilean moons in his honor.

• Edwin Hubble, representing his commonly used system for classifying galaxies by grouping them according to their appearance in photographic images.

• Carl Sagan, representing the voyage of Pioneer 10, which bore Sagans plaque containing a pictorial message in case the spacecraft was intercepted by extraterrestrial life. 

• Stephen Hawking, representing his work and theoretical predictions concerning black holes.

• Neil deGrasse Tyson, representing the the birth, life, and death of a star.

A new look for my series of Cosmic Pioneers.

I’ve altered the designs to match my series of Rock Star Scientists for those who want a cohesive look.

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Before and after:

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In celebration of NASA’s rover Curiosity successfully landing on Mars last night, I am releasing my astronomy designs on tshirts today! 

(Women’s shirts coming soon!)

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