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My name is Megan. I use minimalist design to inspire excitement about science, astronomy & educational topics.
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Sorted and packaged 400 stickers today for the Orlando Mini Maker Faire next weekend.

(And yes, I now have the Cosmic Pioneers in sticker form!)

The Orlando Mini Maker Faire is an event featuring DIY science and technology, rockets, robots, crafts, and music. It’s happening on May 26th at the Central Florida Fairgrounds and I will have a spot there selling my prints and stickers (I will even have some new Doctor Who prints to show!).

I can’t bring stock of ALL of my work though, so I’d love to hear what you think should be there to purchase. There are a lot of prints to choose from (including scientists, cosmic pioneers, authors, etc.) but check out my shop and let me know which specific prints and sizes you think should be available to purchase on location. 

(Just fyi: Attendees can put in orders with me immediately for anything not on location and will get a special discount)

So yeah, let me know - Which prints, and even what size, do you want to see there?